INDICES TO CMCS, 1-75 (1981-2018)

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CMCS 1-25 (1981-Summer 1993) were published as Cambridge Medieval Celtic Studies (ISSN 0260-5600) and CMCS 26- (Winter 1993-) have been published as Cambrian Medieval Celtic Studies (ISSN 1353-0089). The starting page is noted in the case of reviews (Indices II-III), but not in the case of articles, since the page reference may easily be found from the contents page of the relevant number. All numbers are currently available to order from CMCS Publications.


ANDREWS, RHIAN M., and DAVID STEPHENSON, Draig Argoed: Iorwerth Goch ap Maredudd c. 1110-71 — CMCS 52.

ARBUTHNOT, SHARON J., Obscurities in Dúil Dromma Cetta: Insights into a Lost Exemplar and Form-Oriented Scribing — CMCS 59.

——, On the Name Oscar and Two Little-Known Episodes Involving the FíanCMCS 51.

——, Only Fools and Horses: dá n-ó bill and dá n-ó pill in Medieval Irish Texts — CMCS 65.

ASTILL, GRENVILLE, and WENDY DAVIES, Fieldwalking in East Brittany, 1982 — CMCS 4.

BACKHAUS, NORBERT, The Structure of the List of Remscéla Tána Bó Cualngi in the Book of Leinster — CMCS 19.

BAILEY, H. W., Bisclavret in Marie de France — CMCS 1.

BARRELL, A. D. M., and R. R. DAVIES, Land, Lineage, and Revolt in North-East Wales, 1243-1441: A Case Study — CMCS 29.

BARROW, JULIA S., Gerald of Wales’s Great-Nephews — CMCS 8.

BHREATHNACH, EDEL, Killeshin: An Irish Monastery Surveyed — CMCS 27.

——, Tales of Connacht: Cath Airtig, Táin Bó Flidhais, Cath Leitreach Ruibhe, and Cath CumairCMCS 45.

BISAGNI, JACOPO, Leprechaun: A New Etymology — CMCS 64.

BLACK, RONALD, How Wrong Can We Be? Peering into the Future of Scottish Gaelic Literature — CMCS 53/54.

——, Studies in Honour of James Carney (1914-89) — CMCS 23.

BLOM, ALDERIK H., The Welsh Glosses in the Vocabularium CornicumCMCS 57.

BOLL, SHEILA, Seduction, Vengeance, and Frustration in Fingal Rónáin: The Role of Foster-Kin in Structuring the Narrative — CMCS 47.

BOLLARD, J. K., The Role of Myth and Tradition in The Four Branches of the MabinogiCMCS 6.

BORSJE, JACQUELINE, The Meaning of túathcháech in Early Irish Texts — CMCS 43.

BOYLE, ELIZABETH, Eschatological Justice in Scéla Laí BráthaCMCS 59.

BRAY, DOROTHY, Ireland’s Other Apostle: Cogitosus’ St Brigit — CMCS 59.

BREATNACH, LIAM, Forms of Payment in the Early Irish Law Tracts — CMCS 68.

——, Reviews, Reviewers, and Critical Texts: A Brief Final Response — CMCS 57.

BREATNACH, PÁDRAIG A., Bernhard Bischoff (d. 1991), the Munich School of Medieval Latin Philology, and Irish Medieval Studies — CMCS 26.

——, The Aesthetics of Irish Bardic Composition: An Analysis of Fuaras iongnadh, a fhir chumainn by Fearghal Óg Mac an Bhaird — CMCS 42.

——, The New Edition of the Hagiography of St Finbarr — CMCS 32.

BREEZE, ANDREW, The Blessed Virgin’s Joys and Sorrows — CMCS 19.

——, The Dance of Death — CMCS 13.

——, The Shrine of St Brigit at Olite, Spain — CMCS 16.

BRENNAN, EMMA J., A Cross-Carved Slab from Kildare Cathedral — CMCS 14.

BRETT, CAROLINE, Breton Latin Literature as Evidence for Literature in the Vernacular, A.D. 800-1300 — CMCS 18.

——, Soldiers, Saints, and States? The Breton Migrations Revisited — CMCS 61.

BRODERICK, GEORGE, Tynwald: A Manx Cult-Site and Institution of Pre-Scandinavian Origin? — CMCS 46.

BROMWICH, RACHEL, Dafydd ap Gwilym: Influences and Analogues — CMCS 33.

BROWN, ALAN K., Old Irish astal, Old English æstel: The Common Etymology — CMCS 24.

BURDETT-JONES, M. T., A Fragment of Text in Llyfr Gwyn Rhydderch — CMCS 23.

BURNETT, CHARLES S. F., Arabic Divinatory Texts and Celtic Folklore: A Comment on the Theory and Practice of Scapulimancy in Western Europe — CMCS 6.

CABALL, MARC, The Gaelic Mind and the Collapse of the Gaelic World: An Appraisal — CMCS 25.

CAREY, JOHN, Druids and Buddhists in OgygiaCMCS 66.

——, Fir Bolg: A Native Etymology Revisited — CMCS 16.

——, Recent Work on ‘Celtic Christianity’ — CMCS 42.

——, Sages, Saints, and Semiotics: Encountering Medieval Irish Literature — CMCS 35.

——, The Miracle of St Patrick’s Cup — CMCS 73.

——, The Rhetoric of Echtrae Chonlai CMCS 30.

——, The Two Laws in Dubthach’s Judgment — CMCS 19.

——, Werewolves in Medieval Ireland — CMCS 44.

CHADWIN, TOM, The Remscéla Tána Bó Cualngi CMCS 34.

CHARLES-EDWARDS, T. M., The New Edition of Adomnán’s Life of Columba CMCS 26.

CHENEY, C. R., Manx Synodal Statutes, A.D. 1230(?)-1351. Part I: Introduction and Latin Texts — CMCS 7.

——, Manx Synodal Statutes, A.D. 1230(?)-1351. Part II: Translation of Latin Texts — CMCS 8.

CLARKE, MICHAEL, The Lore of the Monstrous Races in the Developing Text of the Irish Sex Aetates Mundi CMCS 63.

CLARKSON, T. J., Richmond and Catraeth — CMCS 26.

CLUNIES ROSS, MARGARET, H. M. Chadwick and The Cult of OthinCMCS 69/70.

COATES, RICHARD, A Brittonic Solution of the Second Element in the Place-Names Presteigne and KinshamCMCS 52.

——, Welsh Lloegr ‘England’ — CMCS 74.

COE, JON, Dating the Boundary Clauses in the Book of Llandaf — CMCS 48.

CONRAN, TONY, The Ballad and Taliesin — CMCS 28.

CONSTANTINE, MARY-ANN, Prophecy and Pastiche in the Breton Ballads: Groac’h Ahès and Gwenc’hlan — CMCS 30.

CORTHALS, JOHAN, A Reference to the Listener to Early Irish Prose Tales? — CMCS 23.

——, Early Irish Retoirics and their Late Antique Background — CMCS 31.

——, Why Did Fergus Rise from his Grave? — CMCS 55.

COWGILL, WARREN, The Distribution of Infixed and Suffixed Pronouns in Old Irish — CMCS 13.

CURLEY, MICHAEL J., Five Lecciones for the Feast of St Nonita: A Text and its Context — CMCS 43.

DANCE, RICHARD, H. M. Chadwick and Old English Philology — CMCS 69/70.

DARK, KENNETH RAINSBURY, The Plan and Interpretation of Tintagel — CMCS 9.

DAVIES, JOHN REUBEN, Liber Landavensis: Its Date and the Identity of its Editor — CMCS 35.

DAVIES, MORGAN THOMAS, ‘Aed i’r coed i dorri cof’: Dafydd ap Gwilym and the Metaphorics of Carpentry — CMCS 30.

——, Protocols of Reading in Early Irish Literature: Notes on Some Notes to Orgain Denna Ríg and Amra Coluim CilleCMCS 32

Davies, R. R. — see Barrell.

Davies, Wendy — see Astill.

DE BERNARDO STEMPEL, PATRIZIA, A Reassessment of Fingal Rónáin: Theatrical Plot and Classical Origins — CMCS 72.

——, Continental Celtic ollo : Early Welsh (h)ol(l), Olwen, and CulhwchCMCS 46.

DE HOZ, JAVIER, The Mediterranean Frontier of the Celts and the Advent of Celtic Writing — CMCS 53/54.

DRONKE, PETER, ‘Ad deum meum convertere volo’ and Early Irish Evidence for Lyrical Dialogues — CMCS 12.

——, St Patrick's Reading — CMCS 1.

——, Towards the Interpretation of the Leiden Love-Spell — CMCS 16.

DUFFY, SEÁN, The Bruce Brothers and the Irish Sea World, 1306-29 — CMCS 21.

DUMVILLE, David N., Ekiurid’s Celtica lingua: An Ethnological Difficulty in WalthariusCMCS 6.

——, Language, Literature, and Law in Medieval Ireland: Some Questions of Transmission — CMCS 9.

——, Late-Seventh- or Eighth-Century Evidence for the British Transmission of Pelagius — CMCS 10.

——, On Editing and Translating Medieval Irish Chronicles: The Annals of UlsterCMCS 10.

——, The ‘Six’ Sons of Rhodri Mawr: A Problem in Asser’s Life of King AlfredCMCS 4.

EDMONDS, FIONA, H. M. Chadwick and Early ScotlandCMCS 69/70.

EGELER, MATTHIAS, Recent Work on ‘Celtic Religion’ — CMCS 74.

EICHHORN-MULLIGAN, AMY C., Togail Bruidne Da Derga and the Politics of Anatomy — CMCS 49.

ESKA, CHARLENE M., On the Swearing of Oaths in Cemeteries — CMCS 71. 

——, Rewarding Informers in Cáin Domnaig and the Laws of Wihtred — CMCS 52.

EVANS, NICHOLAS, Circin and Mag Gerginn: Pictish Territories in Irish and Scottish Sources — CMCS 66.

FALILEYEV, ALEXANDER, Ptolemy Revisited, Again — CMCS 43.

——, Welsh Equivalents to the Irish fían? Some Further Considerations on Juvenile Delinquency in Medieval Wales — CMCS 73.

——, Why Jews? Why Caer Seon? Towards Interpretations of Ymddiddan Taliesin ac Ugnach CMCS 64.

FLANAGAN, MARIE THERESE, Historia Gruffud vab Kenan and the Origins of Balrothery, Co. Dublin — CMCS 28.

FOLLETT, WESTLEY, The Veneration of St Michael at Tallaght: The Evidence of ‘Archangelum mirum magnum’ — CMCS 66.

FOMIN, MAXIM, On the Notions of Death, Navigation, and the Otherworld — CMCS 47.

FORD, PATRICK K., The Blind, the Dumb, and the Ugly: Aspects of Poets and their Craft in Early Ireland and Wales — CMCS 19.

FULTON, HELEN, Medieval Welsh Poems to Nuns — CMCS 21.

GARDNER, REX, Gildas’s New Testament Models — CMCS 30.

GERRIETS, MARILYN, Economy and Society: Clientship according to the Irish Laws — CMCS 6.

——, Kingship and Exchange in Pre-Viking Ireland — CMCS 13.

GILLIES, WILLIAM, Arthur in Gaelic Tradition. Part I: Folktales and Ballads — CMCS 2.

——, Arthur in Gaelic Tradition. Part II: Romances and Learned Lore — CMCS 3.

GREEN, THOMAS, The British Kingdom of Lindsey — CMCS 56.

GRUFFYDD, R. GERAINT, Englynion y Cusan by Dafydd ap Gwilym — CMCS 23.

GUY, BEN, The Life of St Dyfrig and the Lost Charters of Moccas (Mochros), Herefordshire — CMCS 75.

HALL, ALARIC, Gwýr y Gogledd? Some Icelandic Analogues to Branwen Ferch Lŷr CMCS 42.

HAMP, ERIC P., Lloegr: The Welsh Name for England — CMCS 4.

——, The Laud Herbal Glossary and English-Celtic Contacts — CMCS 18.

——, Welsh ebolCMCS 15.

HARPER, SALLY, So How Many Irishmen Went to Glyn Achlach? Early Accounts of the Formation of Cerdd Dant CMCS 42.

HARVEY, ANTHONY, Aspects of Lenition and Spirantization — CMCS 8.

——, Early Literacy in Ireland: The Evidence from Ogam — CMCS 14.

HAYCOCK, MARGED, ‘Some Talk of Alexander and Some of Hercules’: Three Early Medieval Poems from the Book of Taliesin — CMCS 13.

——, Taliesin’s Questions — CMCS 33.

——, and PATRICK SIMS-WILLIAMS, Welsh vch ‘fox?’ in the Book of Taliesin — CMCS 73.

HEMMING, JESSICA, Ami and Amile: A Partial Source for Pwyll? — CMCS 32.

——, ‘I Could Love a Man with Those Three Colours’: Gazing and the Tricoloured Beloved — CMCS 68.

HENDERSON, ISABEL, Françoise Henry and Helen Roe: Fifty-Five Years’ Work on Irish Art and Archaeology — CMCS 17.

——, Letters to a Pupil: Correspondence from Nora K. Chadwick to Isabel B. Henderson (née Murray), 1955–1967 — CMCS 69/70.

——, and ELISABETH OKASHA, The Early Christian Inscribed and Carved Stones of Tullylease, Co. Cork — CMCS 24.

——, The Early Christian Inscribed and Carved Stones of Tullylease, Co. Cork: Addendum — CMCS 33.

HERBERT, MÁIRE, Crossing Historical and Literary Boundaries: Irish Written Culture Around the Year 1000 — CMCS 53/54.

——, Fled Dúin na nGéd: A Reappraisal — CMCS 18.

——, The Irish Sex Aetates Mundi: First Editions — CMCS 11.

HERREN, MICHAEL W., Editing the Hisperica Famina: A Reply — CMCS 17.

——, The Stress Systems in Insular Latin Octosyllabic Verse — CMCS 15.

HIGHAM, NICHOLAS JOHN, Gildas, Roman Walls, and British Dykes — CMCS 22.

HOLLO, KAARINA, Conchobar’s ‘Sceptre’: The Growth of a Literary Topos — CMCS 29.

HOWLETT, DAVID, A Brittonic Curriculum: A British Child’s ABC 123 — CMCS 40.

——, Insular Acrostics, Celtic Latin Colophons — CMCS 35.

——, Insular Inscriptions and the Problem of Coincidence: A Reply — CMCS 56.

——, Orationes Moucani: Early Cambro-Latin Prayers — CMCS 24.

HUGHES, A. J., The Old Cornish Personal Name Brenci and Middle Welsh Brengi/BryngiCMCS 22.

HUGHES, KATHLEEN, The Celtic Church: Is This a Valid Concept? — CMCS 1.

HUNTER, JERRY, A New Edition of the Poets of the Nobility — CMCS 41.

——, Llywelyn’s Breath, Arthur’s Nightmare: The Medievalism within Welsh Modernism — CMCS 53/54.

HUTTON, RONALD, Medieval Welsh Literature and Pre-Christian Deities — CMCS 61.

HUWS, DANIEL, Llyfr Gwyn Rhydderch — CMCS 21.

IRELAND, COLIN, Penance and Prayer in Water: An Irish Practice in Northumbrian Hagiography — CMCS 34.

ISAAC, G. R., Gwarchan Maeldderw: A ‘Lost’ Medieval Welsh Classic? — CMCS 44.

——, Gweith Gwen Ystrat and the Northern Heroic Age of the Sixth Century — CMCS 36.

——, Readings in the History and Transmission of the Gododdin CMCS 37.

IVANOV, SERGEY, On the Later Development of the Legend of Portents at Christ’s Birth — CMCS 63.

JACKSON, KENNETH, Varia: I. Bede’s Urbs Giudi: Stirling or Cramond? — CMCS 2.

——, Varia: II. Gildas and the Names of the British Princes — CMCS 3.

JACOBS, NICOLAS, A Jacksonian Emendation Revisited: RBH 1030.21-22 bit granclef glew CMCS 48.

——, Adjectival Collocations in the Poetry of the Early Cywyddwyr: A Preliminary Survey — CMCS 31

——, Animadversions on Bastardy in the Red Book of Hergest: Early Welsh Gnomic Poems, IV.6 — CMCS 55.

——, Geufel: An Unidentified Plant in the Red Book GorwynionCMCS 62.

——, Lledwag kronffair: What Kind of Fair and Why So Little Frequented? — CMCS 44.

——, Red, Brown, and Grey Cuckoos: A Problem in Poetic Ornithology — CMCS 40.

——, The Green Knight: An Unexplored Irish Parallel — CMCS 4.

——, The Old English Heroic Tradition in the Light of Welsh Evidence — CMCS 2.

JAMES, CHRISTINE, Ban wedy i dynny: Medieval Welsh Law and Early Protestant Propaganda — CMCS 27.

JASKI, BART, Cú Chulainn, gormac and dalta of the Ulstermen — CMCS 37.

——, ‘We are of the Greeks in our Origin’: New Perspectives on the Irish Origin Legend — CMCS 46.

JENKINS, DAFYDD, gwalch: Welsh — CMCS 19.

——, and MORFYDD OWEN, The Welsh Marginalia in the Lichfield Gospels. Part I — CMCS 5.

——, The Welsh Marginalia in the Lichfield Gospels. Part II: The ‘Surexit’ Memorandum — CMCS 7.

JENKINS, PHILIP, Regions and Cantrefs in Early Medieval Glamorgan — CMCS 15.

JOHNSTON, DAFYDD R., Cywydd y Gal by Dafydd ap Gwilym — CMCS 9.

——, Iolo Goch and the English: Welsh Poetry and Politics in the Fourteenth Century — CMCS 12.

——, Semantic Ambiguity in Dafydd ap Gwilym’s ‘Trafferth mewn Tafarn’— CMCS 56.

——, The Erotic Poetry of the CywyddwyrCMCS 22.

——, The Serenade and the Image of the House in the Poems of Dafydd ap Gwilym — CMCS 5.

JONES, NERYS ANN, Marwysgafyn Veilyr Brydyt: Deathbed Poem? — CMCS 47.

——, The Mynydd Carn ‘Prophecy’: A Reassessment — CMCS 38.

KEYNES, SIMON, H. M. Chadwick and Anglo-Saxon England — CMCS 69/70.

KNIGHT, J. K., Penmachno Revisited: The Consular Inscription and its Context — CMCS 29.

KOCH, JOHN T., A Welsh Window on the Iron Age: Manawydan, Mandubracios — CMCS 14.

——, Brân, Brennos: An Instance of Early Gallo-Brittonic History and Mythology — CMCS 20.

KRATZ, HENRY, Welsh gellyg, ebol, buddelw: A Reply — CMCS 15.

LAMBERT, PIERRE-YVES, The New Dictionary of Old Breton — CMCS 12.

——, ‘Thirty’ and ‘Sixty’ in Brittonic — CMCS 8.

——, Two Middle Welsh Epithets for Horses: trybelid and ffraeth (Breton fraez) — CMCS 44.

LAPIDGE, MICHAEL, A Seventh-Century Insular Latin Debate Poem on Divorce — CMCS 10.

——, Hector Munro Chadwick — CMCS 69/70.

——, Introduction: The Study of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic in Cambridge, 1878–1999 — CMCS 69/70.

—— (ed.), H. M. Chadwick and the Study of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic in CambridgeCMCS 69/70.

LAW, VIVIEN, Fragments from the Lost Portions of the Epitomae of Virgilius Maro Grammaticus — CMCS 21.

——, Malsachanus Reconsidered: A Fresh Look at a Hiberno-Latin Grammarian — CMCS 1.

LEWIS, BARRY J., A Possible Provenance for the Old Cornish Vocabulary — CMCS 73.

——, Celtic Ecocriticism — CMCS 59.

LLOYD-MORGAN, CERIDWEN, Medieval Welsh Tales or Romances? Problems of Genre and Terminology — CMCS 47.

LÖFFLER, MARION, Famous First Words: ‘Never In My Life Will I Master Gaelic’ — Kuno Meyer in his Diaries and Correspondence — CMCS 74.

LUFT, DIANA, The Meaning of mabinogiCMCS 62.

MAC CANA, PROINSIAS, Notes on the English Edition of Culhwch and Olwen CMCS 29.

MAC SHAMHRÁIN, A. S., The Uí Muiredaig and the Abbacy of Glendalough in the Eleventh to Thirteenth Centuries — CMCS 25.

MÁRKUS, GILBERT, What were Patrick’s Alphabets? — CMCS 31.

MATHESON, ANNA, Itinerant Drúith and the Mark of Cain in O’Davoren’s Glossary — CMCS 67.

MATONIS, A. T. E., A Case Study: Historical and Textual Aspects of the Welsh Bardic Grammar — CMCS 41.

MAUND, K. L., Cynan ab Iago and the Killing of Gruffudd ap Llywelyn — CMCS 10.

McCARTHY, DANIEL, The Origin of the Latercus Paschal Cycle of the Insular Celtic Churches — CMCS 28.

McCONE, KIM R., Notes on the Text and Authorship of the Early Irish Bee-Laws — CMCS 8.

——, Werewolves, Cyclopes, Díberga, and Fíanna: Juvenile Delinquency in Early Ireland — CMCS 12.

McKEE, HELEN, Scribes and Glosses from Dark Age Wales: The Cambridge Juvencus Manuscript — CMCS 39.

——, and JAMES McKEE, Chance or Design? David Howlett’s Insular Inscriptions and the Problem of Coincidence — CMCS 51.

——, The Problem of Coincidence: A Brief Final Response — CMCS 56.

McKEE, IAN, Gildas: Lessons from History — CMCS 51.

McKEE, JAMES — see McKee, Helen.

McKENNA, CATHERINE, Revising Math: Kingship in the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogi — CMCS 46.

——, ‘What Dreams May Come Must Give Us Pause’: Breudwyt Ronabwy and the Red Book of Hergest — CMCS 58.

McLEOD, WILSON, Rí Innsi Gall, Rí Fionnghall, Ceannas nan Gàidheal: Sovereignty and Rhetoric in the Late Medieval Hebrides — CMCS 43.

——, The Rhetorical Geography of the Late Medieval Irish Chronicles — CMCS 40.

MEEK, DONALD E., ‘Norsemen and Noble Stewards’: The MacSween Poem in the Book of the Dean of Lismore — CMCS 34.

——, Táin Bó Fraích and Other ‘Fráech' Texts: A Study in Thematic Relationships. Part I — CMCS 7.

——, Táin Bó Fraích and Other ‘Fráech’ Texts: A Study in Thematic Relationships. Part II — CMCS 8.

——, The Banners of the Fian in Gaelic Ballad Tradition — CMCS 11.

MERDRIGNAC, BERNARD, Folklore and Hagiography: A Semiotic Approach to the Legend of the Immortals of Landevennec — CMCS 13.

MILES, BRENT, Branwen: A Reconsideration of the German and Norse Analogues — CMCS 52.

MILLER, JIMMY P., The Feminization of the Early Irish Hero? — CMCS 67.

MORAN, PÁDRAIC, Hebrew in Early Irish Glossaries — CMCS 60.

MURRAY, KEVIN, Reviews, Reviewers, and Critical Texts — CMCS 57.

——, The Finding of the TáinCMCS 41.

NAISMITH, RORY, H. M. Chadwick and the Anglo-Saxon Monetary System — CMCS 69/70.

NEES, LAWRENCE, The Colophon Drawing in the Book of Mulling: A Supposed Irish Monastery Plan and the Tradition of Terminal Illustration in Early Medieval Manuscripts — CMCS 5.

NÍ DHONNCHADHA, MÁIRÍN, Seeing Things: Revelation in Gaelic Literature — CMCS 53/54.

NÍ MHAONAIGH, MÁIRE, The Growth of Literature: The Celtic Dimension — CMCS 69/70.

NIC GHIOLLAMHAITH, AOIFE, Dynastic Warfare and Historical Writing in North Munster, 1276-1350 — CMCS 2.

Ó CONCHEANAINN, TOMÁS, A Connacht Medieval Literary Heritage: Texts Derived from Cín Dromma Snechtai through Leabhar na hUidhre — CMCS 16.

Ó MAINNÍN, MÍCHEÁL B., ‘The Same in Origin and in Blood’: Bardic Windows on the Relationship between Irish and Scottish Gaels, c. 1200-1650 — CMCS 38.

Ó RIAIN, PÁDRAIG, Sanctity and Politics in Connacht c. 1100: The Case of St Fursa — CMCS 17.

——, The Tallaght Martyrologies, Redated — CMCS 20.

O’BRIEN, CONOR, Exegesis as Argument: The Use of Ephesians 2, 14 in Cummian’s De Controversia PaschaliCMCS 67.

O’CONNOR, RALPH, Compilation as Creative Artistry: A Reassessment of ‘Narrative Inconsistency’ in Togail Bruidne Da DergaCMCS 65.

O’HOGAN, CILLIAN, Reading Lucan with Scholia in Medieval Ireland: In Cath Catharda and its Sources — CMCS 68.

O’LEARY, AIDEEN M., The Identities of the Poet(s) Mac Coisi: A Reinvestigation — CMCS 38.

O’LEARY, PHILIP, A Foreseeing Driver of an Old Chariot: Regal Moderation in Early Irish Literature — CMCS 11.

——, Choice and Consequence in Irish Heroic Literature — CMCS 27.

——, Jeers and Judgments: Laughter in Early Irish Literature — CMCS 22.

O’LOUGHLIN, THOMAS, The Exegetical Purpose of Adomnán’s De Locis Sanctis CMCS 24.

——, The Plan of the New Jerusalem in the Book of Armagh — CMCS 39.

O’MEADHRA, UAININN, A Medieval Dubliner’s Talismanic Portrait? An Incised Profile Cut-Out Head from Christ Church Place, Dublin — CMCS 21.

O’SULLIVAN, SINÉAD, The Corpus Martianus Capella: Continental Gloss Traditions on De Nuptiis in Wales and Anglo-Saxon England — CMCS 62.

OATES, J. C. T., Notes on the Later History of the Oldest Manuscript of Welsh Poetry: The Cambridge Juvencus — CMCS 3.

OKASHA, ELISABETH, The Non-Ogam Inscriptions of Pictland — CMCS 9.

—— see also Henderson.

OLSEN, KARIN, The Cuckold’s Revenge: Reconstructing Six Irish Roscada in Táin Bó Cúailnge CMCS 28.

OLSON, B. LYNETTE, and O. J. PADEL, A Tenth-Century List of Cornish Parochial Saints — CMCS 12.

ORME, NICHOLAS, Education in the Medieval Cornish Play Beunans MeriasekCMCS 25.

Owen, Morfydd — see Jenkins, Dafydd.

PADEL, OLIVER J., A New Study of the Gododdin CMCS 35.

——, Celtic, Pictish and Germanic Onomastics in the Work of H. M. Chadwick — CMCS 69/70.

——, Geoffrey of Monmouth and Cornwall — CMCS 8.

——, Geoffrey of Monmouth and the Development of the Merlin Legend — CMCS 51.

——, Notes on the New Edition of the Middle Cornish ‘Charter Endorsement’ — CMCS 30.

——, The Cornish Background of the Tristan Stories — CMCS 1.

——, The Nature of Arthur — CMCS 27.

——, Where Was Middle Cornish Spoken? — CMCS 74.

—— see also Olson.

PARSONS, DAVID, British *Caratīcos, Old English CerdicCMCS 33.

PARSONS, GERALDINE, The Structure of Acallam na Senórach CMCS 55.

PATTERSON, NERYS, Brehon Law in Late Medieval Ireland: ‘Antiquarian and Obsolete’ or ‘Traditional and Functional’? — CMCS 17.

PEARSON, MATTHEW J., The Creation and Development of the St Asaph Cathedral Chapter, 1141-1293 — CMCS 40.

PEDEN, ALISON, Science and Philosophy in Wales at the Time of the Norman Conquest: A Macrobius Manuscript from Llanbadarn — CMCS 2.

PETERS, CHERIE N., Translating Food Shortages in the Irish Chronicles, A.D. 500-1170 — CMCS 71.

PLASS, STEPHANIE, The Scholar and the Archbishop: New Evidence for Dating Gerald of Wales’s Letter to Stephen Langton — CMCS 75.

PLASSMANN, ALHEYDIS, Gildas and the Negative Image of the Cymry — CMCS 41.

POLLOCK, MELISSA, Rebels of the West, 1209-1216 — CMCS 50.

POPPE, ERICH, Beues of Hamtoun in Welsh Bardic Poetry — CMCS 43.

——, How to Achieve an Optimal Textual Fit in Middle Welsh Clauses — CMCS 68.

——, Reconstructing Medieval Irish Literary Theory: The Lesson of Airec Menman Uraird maic Coise CMCS 37.

——, The Early Modern Irish Version of Beves of HamtounCMCS 23.

——, The Theme of Counsel in Ystoria Gereint uab ErbinCMCS 72. 

PRYCE, HUW, Medieval Welsh History in the Victorian Age — CMCS 71.

——, The Church of Trefeglwys and the End of the ‘Celtic’ Charter Tradition in Twelfth-Century Wales — CMCS 25.

——, The Context and Purpose of the Earliest Welsh Lawbooks — CMCS 39.

QUIN, E. G., The Early Irish Poem Ísúcán — CMCS 1.

RADNER, JOAN N., Interpreting Irony in Medieval Celtic Narrative: The Case of Culhwch ac OlwenCMCS 16.

REDKNAP, MARK, Crossing Boundaries — Stylistic Diversity and External Contacts in Early Medieval Wales and the March: Reflections on Metalwork and Sculpture — CMCS 53/54.

RITTMUELLER, JEAN, The New Edition of Ailerán’s Interpretatio Mystica et Moralis Progenitorum Domini Iesu ChristiCMCS 32

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DAVIES, J. L., and D. P. KIRBY, 29.70.

DAVIES, J. R., 34.124, 38.107, 43.99, 45.90, 47.92, 52.104, 64.124.




DAVIES, WENDY, 34.115.

DAY, JENNY, 60.102.



DOHERTY, H. F., 59.89.


DUFFY, SEÁN, 38.100, 38.102.

DUMVILLE, DAVID N., 2.93, 3.92, 9.90, 10.67, 11.118, 15.107, 17.78, 17.92, 20.124, 26.79, 31.90, 73.65.


EDMONDS, FIONA, 58.107, 68.105, 73.77.

EDWARDS, HUW M., 39.82.

EDWARDS, NANCY, 23.125, 45.81, 46.130, 47.91, 50.91, 75.91.


ELTON, G. R., 14.103.


EVANS, D. SIMON, 25.106.



EVANS, J. WYN, 17.81.


FALILEYEV, ALEXANDER, 43.77, 55.90, 56.109, 62.89, 66.89.

FAVEREAU, F., 33.97.

FLANAGAN, MARIE THERESE, 22.121, 50.94, 55.82.

FOMIN, MAXIM, 47.73.


FULTON, HELEN, 35.89, 46.131, 47.85.



GLASSCOCK, ROBIN E., 18.122, 36.100.





HAGUE, DOUGLAS B., 13.102.

HALL, ALARIC, 43.101.

HAMP, ERIC P., 6.108.

HARPER, SALLY, 44.109, 55.63.

HARVEY, ANTHONY, 14.105, 24.102, 33.107, 67.83.

HAWKE, ANDREW, 18.117.


HEMMING, JESSICA, 34.112, 35.87, 56.114.

HENDERSON, ISABEL, 17.69, 23.114.

HENKEN, ELISSA R., 44.116, 51.106, 58.109.



HIGLEY, SARAH L., 68.101.

HUGHES, IAN, 16.106.


HUWS, DANIEL, 55.86.


ISAAC, G. R., 41.73, 52.93, 56.111.


JAMES, CHRISTINE, 22.110, 28.105.



JENKINS, DAFYDD, 15.89, 35.76, 40.81, 45.85.


JOHNSTON, DAFYDD [DAVID] R., 6.96, 11.123, 15.106, 24.109, 30.132, 34.122, 67.90.

JONES, NERYS ANN, 31.84, 61.97.

KELLY, FERGUS, 57.100.


KEY, HEATHER C., 65.108.

KIRBY, D. P., 29.70.

LAMBERT, PIERRE-YVES, 12.99, 15.102.

LANE, ALAN, 30.137, 41.65, 41.66.

LAPIDGE, MICHAEL, 11.113, 17.75, 24.93, 59.83, 66.99, 72.99.

LEWIS, BARRY J., 45.75, 59.71, 65.103.

LEWIS, C. P., 29.74.


LLOYD, NESTA, 15.99, 22.122.

LLOYD-MORGAN, CERIDWEN, 8.109, 28.101, 42.91, 52.105.


LOYN, H. R., 22.108.

LYDON, JAMES, 13.102.





MAHON, WILLIAM J., 33.94, 36.10, 36.105, 47.81, 58.101.

MAIER, BERNHARD, 40.79, 41.69, 51.109, 65.94, 73.61.

MARENBON, JOHN, 14.106, 36.95.

MAUND, K. L., 20.125.

McCANN, BILL, 40.77.

McCARTHY, DAN, 41.68.

McCONE, KIM, 8.45, 13.106, 23.110.

McKEE, HELEN, 36.96, 41.70, 44.114, 52.109.

——, and JAMES McKEE, 39.77.

McKENNA, CATHERINE A., 16.104, 47.87.

McMANUS, DAMIAN, 23.109, 30.133, 33.99, 38.108, 39.75, 75.93.

MEEK, DONALD E., 3.89, 22.101.



NAGY, JOSEPH F., 47.82.


NEVILLE, C. J., 22.118.


NÍ MHAONAIGH, MÁIRE, 36.106, 38.103, 46.133, 72.97, 73.68.




Ó CONCHEANAINN, TOMÁS, 32.121, 37.109.

Ó CRÓINÍN, DÁIBHÍ, 7.121, 29.72, 64.119.



Ó hUIGINN, RUAIRÍ, 57.83, 74.107.



Ó RIAIN, PÁDRAIG, 15.101, 32.122.



O’LOUGHLIN, THOMAS, 55.87, 75.90.


ORCHARD, ANDY, 22.114, 31.77, 31.80.

ORLANDI, GIOVANNI, 15.96, 15.104, 25.99.

OWEN, M. E., 43.92.

PADEL, O. J., 14.109, 24.98, 30.123, 35.45, 50.87.


PARSONS, GERALDINE, 55.70, 56.116.

POPPE, ERICH, 19.80, 22.105, 25.108, 28.95, 28.107, 33.103, 33.105, 49.74, 51.103, 55.91, 60.107, 61.91, 64.121, 68.107, 74.104, 75.81, 75.85.


PRYCE, HUW, 9.108, 15.98, 35.79, 41.71, 45.92, 73.63.

QIU, FANGZHE, 71.77.

QUIN, E. G., 9.99.

REDKNAP, MARK, 56.105.

REEVE, MICHAEL D., 18.123.



RITTMUELLER, JEAN, 32.105, 34.116.

ROBERTS, BRYNLEY F., 22.104, 29.62, 34.118, 44.113, 47.84.


RODWAY, SIMON, 56.101, 56.113, 60.99, 62.94, 68.111, 71.79.

ROWLAND, JENNY, 6.95, 12.124, 34.120, 39.80.


RUSSELL, PAUL, 15.108, 31.87, 35.73, 40.85, 45.59, 52.107, 66.93, 72.104.


SCHOFIELD, PHILLIPP, 43.100, 44.111.


SCOWCROFT, R. MARK, 4.87, 13.97.


SHARPE, R., 5.94, 6.102, 8.110, 9.102, 9.104, 9.105, 11.116, 19.75, 25.97, 65.98.


SIMMS, KATHARINE, 1.100, 2.91, 8.107, 11.122, 55.67.

SIMS-WILLIAMS, PATRICK, 1.101, 2.94, 4.90, 13.104, 19.88, 24.108, 27.88, 28.109, 29.60, 32.123, 45.78, 66.85, 72.102.

SMITH, G. REX, 60.109.

SMITH, JULIA B., 10.93, 11.119, 22.109.

STANCLIFFE, CLARE, 19.76, 31.73, 31.75.

STEPHENSON, DAVID, 9.101, 25.102, 50.67, 57.90, 57.92, 58.105, 62.97, 63.101.

STEVENSON, JANE, 16.100, 30.140, 34.111.




TERNES, ELMAR, 25.105.

THOMSON, ROBERT L., 19.91, 28.98, 39.93, 47.83.

THORNE, DAVID A., 25.107.

THORNTON, DAVID E., 37.100, 55.61.

TONER, GREGORY, 38.93, 55.69, 55.73, 65.96.


TRISTRAM, HILDEGARD L. C., 22.115, 40.71.


UHLICH, JÜRGEN, 39.65, 75.53.

WADDEN, PATRICK, 73.75, 74.100.

WALKER, DAVID, 14.104.



WILLIAMS, GLANMOR, 27.87, 29.73.

WILLIAMS, GRUFFYDD ALED, 23.124, 59.85, 65.99, 74.102.



WILLIAMS, MARK, 61.93, 61.99, 73.72.





WOOLF, ALEX, 50.92, 62.92.



WRIGHT, NEIL, 10.89, 16.103.